Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Blackfeet Tribal Business Council decided on June 25, 2020 to close all east side access points to Glacier National Park for the 2020 tourist season. As a result, the Many Glacier corral will be closed for summer 2020. If you have a current reservation at the Many Glacier Corral, we are still open on the west side of the Park and will work with you to reschedule your ride, if at all possible.

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From the Many Glacier corral, we offer our most intense exploration of the Glacier back country:

Swiftcurrent Lake

We offer daily trail rides that last one hour. Times and locations change daily based on availability of horses and wranglers.

Cracker Flats

This awesome trail heads out along the shores of Lake Sherburne and on to Cracker Flats, where the old mining town of Altyn once stood at the turn of the century. On the flats, you’ll get 360 degree views of all the mountains surrounding the Many Glacier Valley as well as great opportunities to see wildlife! This scenic two hour ride is offered in the morning only.

Josephine Lake

This picturesque horseback ride takes you down the first few miles of the Piegan Trail. As you ride along the heavily forested trail, you’ll catch glimpses of Swiftcurrent Lake, Josephine Lake and the Garden Wall. Keep your eyes peeled for trickling waterfalls and curious animals along the mountain side. This two hour ride is offered in the afternoon only.

Piegan Valley

This morning half day ride winds through a lush green valley chock-full of water features, including streams and creeks and even waterfalls at certain points in the season. The ride offers views of Jospehine Lake’s turquoise water, Grinnell Point and distant views of Salamander Glacier. Half way through the ride, riders can dismount, stretch their legs and take in more majestic views before heading back on the horses to the corral. Between our two half day rides, the Piegan Valley trail is shorter and more suited to a novice rider.

Sherburne Overlook

This afternoon half day ride takes you along the historic stringing trail which meanders through the Many Glacier Hotel complex and down along Swiftcurrent Falls until you cross the Many Glacier Road and start climbing the ravine alongside Poia Mountain. Halfway up, at the Swiftcurrent Ridge hitching rail, you’ll dismount to get a great view over Lake Sherburne and the entire Many Glacier Valley. Then, you’ll head back down the mountain the way you came up, this time with the backdrop of the Many Glacier Hotel spanning before you. Between our two half day rides, the Sherburne Overlook trail is longer and more suited to riders with experience.

Many Glacier Full Day Ride

From the Many Glacier Corral, we are permitted to take guests to either Cracker Lake or to Poia Lake for a full day day ride. Beginning in 2017, the National Park Service is mandating equal use across these two trail systems. These requirements are being implemented to manage impacts from horses on high-use trails. As a result, it is not possible to choose which trail to go on. The destination of our full day ride will be chosen each day by Swan Mountain staff at the Many Glacier corral based on what current use numbers are for that week.

The Cracker Lake trail takes you out along the shores of Lake Sherburne and up along Canyon Creek until you reach the striking turquoise waters of Cracker Lake. The ride is packed full of majestic views of the surrounding mountains and good opportunities to see wildlife, especially bears. Please note that this trail ride is not offered every day.

The Poia Lake trail is chock-full of panoramic views of the entire Swiftcurrent Valley as we ride up and over Swiftcurrent Ridge. In one glance, you can take in thousands of years of geological history spread out before you. Once we reach the top, we will wind down along Kennedy Creek to the untouched Poia Lake where you will be swept away by the perfect silence of Mother Nature. Please note that this trail ride is not offered every day.

** HEADER PHOTO BY Trapper Badovinac

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