Lodgepole Loop

This easy, one hour ride is a great option for young children and novice or nervous riders. As you gently stroll through lodgepole forest, you’ll have the perfect amount of time to get comfortable on the horses and get a taste for what it’s like to explore the area on horseback.

Glacier Gateway

This two hour ride is our most popular trail for experienced and beginner riders alike. The longer duration allows you to cover more land and take in more scenery than the one hour, including views of the Strawberry and Rainwater Mountains and a brief glimpse into the snow capped peaks of Glacier Park.

Glacier Lookout

This three hour ride offers fantastic views of Strawberry Mountain and into Glacier National Park. You will spend an hour and 15 minutes riding through a lodgepole/aspen forest while slowing gaining elevation until you reach the Glacier Lookout lunch spot. There, you’ll dismount the horses and have time to enjoy your own snacks or one of our hearty sack lunches as you gaze at the snowcapped peaks of the Glacier Park skyline. After lunch, you’ll head back to the corral at a leisurely pace. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for deer and bear!

Mountain View

This full day trail ride allows you to spend an entire day exploring the forest and mountains of West Glacier on horseback. Watch the light change through the trees from morning to afternoon and experience the breathtaking beauty of Rainwater Mountain, Strawberry Mountain and Desert Mountain as well as the Glacier Park skyline from a variety of lookout points. The full day trail ride is recommended for experienced riders as guests on this ride will spend roughly 6 hours in the saddle with an hour break for a hearty sack lunch.

Mountain View Cookout Ride


When the days get shorter and the nights are chillier, we combine two of our favorite summer time trips – the all day ride and the cowboy cookout – into one amazing, full day, fall adventure with the All Day Cowboy Cookout Ride! Guests check in at the West Glacier Corral behind the Crown of the Continent Discovery Center at 9:00 in the morning. We will ride through the Flathead National Forest for approximately 1.5 hours enjoying the spectacular Fall colors of the aspen/lodgepole forest. Once you arrive at our cookout camp, you’ll dismount your horses and enjoy a light appetizer as your guide prepares a traditional cowboy feast for lunch, complete with steaks over open flame, corn on the cob, green salad, a roll and s’mores for dessert. Once you have had your fill, we’ll mount back up on the horses and hit the trail for the return ride arriving back to the Corral at about 3pm.

Please note that because of all the behind-the-scenes help that go into these trips (staff that prepare the food and pack the coolers, staff that cook and serve the food, wranglers that groom and tack up your horses, wranglers that guide you on your trail ride, still other wranglers that untack and turn out the horses and finally staff that clean up after the cookout is complete), an 18% gratuity will be added to the cost of your Cowboy Cookout and distributed among all staff. Additionally, in the interest of safety alcoholic beverages are not included in the meal or permitted on this trip.

In addition to guided horseback trips, Swan Mountain Outfitters offers a wide range of other fun, family activities in West Glacier, including:

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