Webcam links and their descriptions are from the NPS Glacier National Park website.

Apgar Lookout
Glacier National Park from Apgar Mountain

The Apgar Lookout Webcam is a view into the remote North Fork section of Glacier National Park. Further from the spine of the Continental Divide, this area of the park has a different feel and character. Historic homesteads dot the landscape and the Inside North Fork Road remains a primitive and narrow travel corridor. The North Fork is also an area of frequent fire activity. Several fires, both large and small, over the last century have left the forests here a patchwork of different ages. These different age forests provide a diversity of habitat to a wide range of species. Researchers are drawn to this area by the richness and complexity of the ecosystem.

Lake McDonald
Lake McDonald from Apgar Village

To many visitors to the park, this view is their first introduction to the spectacular scenery of Glacier National Park. This iconic view from Apgar, at the foot of Lake McDonald, really shows what Glacier is all about…big glacially carved lakes, vast wild views of the high peaks along the Continental Divide, and the ever-changing forests that blanket much of the lower elevations. It’s no wonder that for many people when they think of Glacier, they think of this view.

St. Mary
St Mary's Webcam

Red Eagle Mountain looms on the horizon in the background. The meadows in the foreground are good places to look for elk in the Fall and Winter, especially around sunrise. The St. Mary Entrance Station is just out of view to the left, so you will often see cars, as they enter the park.